Sculpture by Judith Holmes Drewry

The late Judith Holmes Drewry was born in 1950 and grew up in a lively and multi-talented family. At only seventeen, with few academic qualifications but a comprehensive folder of artwork, she won an exchange scholarship to study fine art for a year at a prestigious school in the USA. Judith spent most of that year in art classes, and this was where she met a brilliant young Yale graduate, art teacher, sculptor and foundry maker, Lloyd Le Blanc. This was the beginning of a life shared together, emotionally and artistically. After their marriage, the couple created the foundry where they worked separately on bronze sculptures, Judith concentrating on what would become the classic theme of her style in bronze - a young girl, seated or reclining, pensive and reflective as she contemplates past and future. The sensitivity and skill of her work, has placed Judith in the top league of portraitists, with works found here in Yengo Sculpture Garden and in private, corporate and public collections worldwide.


Judith modelling The Reader in clay at Saxby, UK