Yengo's new garden

When you have explored Yengo's original gardens, you'll want to visit the newer areas, which include other fine sculptures, fountains and landscaping. Here you may well come across one of the garden's flock of peacocks as you enter the New Garden, backed by a fragrant forest of mature pines. As you walk towards this garden, look for the Brolga Fountain on your left and then swing left again into the Grotto, which originally housed the Yengo collection of wombats but now hosts ferns and shade plants and features a plunging waterfall. Here, in this shaded green environment, are some more fine bronzes. Sit awhile, listen to the water as it crashes into the pool - and then venture out and down to the sweeping expanses of the New Garden, with its massed azaleas, blossoming cherries, maples and other deciduous trees.